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The Reality of Out of Province Applicants

Guest premednb

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Guest premednb

Hey guys



I am a new poster who has been reading silently for a good while, and I just gathered the courage for a question that's been plaguing me. I am curious what the reality is for OOP applicants to any canadian meds. I am a UNB student, and because of there been no med school in NB, I'll be an OOP no matter where I apply. Are there any schools that are very strict with OOP? Any that aren't? I know that memorial and dal have specific spots for NBers and I am curious if there are others.



Any help is appreciated. I'd love to hear from another NBer too, thanks.

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Guest NBer

no worries...

being from NB actually has its advantages...you are not considered OOP for Dal...they have a maritime quota...so if you are from NS, NB, PEI it doesn't matter...it may seem like less NB residents get accepted, but we also have less NBers that apply compared to NS residents...

plus, we do have the mun advantage (that NS residents don't get)...there are 10 seats availabe for about 50-60 applicants...so not too bad...

as for other schools...I believe if you are a french NBer, the University of Sherbroke (sorry...I don't even know if this is the right name for it) has seats set aside for french NBers...much like MUN for the English folk...

ontario schools...I think Queens and Western you have a shot if you meet the cut-offs, and same as Ottawa...if you have a GPA around 3.8 or higher, then Ottawa may grant you an interview (what ever the OOP cut-off is that year) and I was told, once you get the interview you are considered on the same level as anyone else...

not too familiar with other schools...but this should help!


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Guest Lactic Folly

Since there's no med school in NB, Dalhousie will still consider in their geographical area.. Memorial might do the same (not sure).

From Dal:

"There are two applicant pools determined by place of residence or undergraduate/graduate university: Maritimes (74 seats) and non-Maritime (8 seats). Admission preference is given to Canadian citizens (or landed immigrants) whose place of residence is in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island (the Maritime Provinces of Canada), the Maritime pool."


You can get some idea of how OOP-friendly a school is by looking at their website, their stats, this board..

This link is good:


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Guest quebecboy

Hey premed,


NBer is right, University of Sherbrooke does have a certain number of seats reserved exclusively for students from NB, but so does Laval university and University of Montreal (interprovincial agreement). For the other two universities, I have no idea, but for Laval University, there are 4 seats. It may not seem to be that much, but I doubt that there are many applicants for these seats. You must however be recommended by your provincial government to be eligible.



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