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Guest eJaya

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Hi all,

Thanks for input on my application. I finally got it out and am awaiting my letter for the date of the interview. I was just wondering about the length and capacity of the interview. I would appreciate any suggestions for what I should know, ie foreign affairs, politics, etc. as well as what people's experiences were at their Dalhousie interview.

Thanks so much.

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Hi eJaya, it sure does feel good to send off the application doesn't it! I'll give you a little bit of info about my interview experience and I'm sure articaguy and NBsmurf will have their own input for you as well.


The interviewers only have your two essays that you wrote and extracirricular information, no MCAT or transcripts. My interview was really laid back and comfortable, I was interviewed by a second year student and a family doc on the faculty. Personally, I didn't have any ethical scenerios to deal with but I have heard from others that they did. I was asked about what I thought should/could be done in regards to Health Care reform and any concerns or unique aspects I had about heath care in the maritimes. Other than that they just asked me a lot about myself, why I wanted to study medicine, volunteer work, research etc., anything that was in my essay was fair game so you should know your essays really well and be able to elaborate on things that you discussed in them.


I think it is the luck of the draw on who your interviewers are that will dictate how the interview goes. Some may place more emphasis on your knowledge of worldly, policital and ethical issues, while others may be more interested in who you are as a person. When I was preparing, I read a lot about the Health Care system and the state of Health Care in Canada and in the Maritimes (I heard that one person was asked to tell the interviewers the name of the Minister of Health!). I made sure I was aware of major world news issues going on at the time, and knew the appropriate response to ethical questions. http://www.cma.ca is a great resource to check into as well as http://www.medicalpost.com, which is a Canadian medical type newspaper that has really great information too.


Let us know if we can be of anymore help to you!



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Hi MD2006,

It felt fantastic to finish the applications. I took the whole next day off from work and just lounged around. Thanks for your help. I'll be sure to check out those web sites.

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Guest arcticaguy

hey eJaya,

Congratson finishing those aplications-now time to relax....seriously. My interview experience was very similar to MD2006, however, mine took on a personal twist. I was infact asked to assume the position of the deputy health minister of NS and propose a way to 'repair' the healthcare system-albeit in a brief and concise manner. The interviewers then proceeded to try to gain insight into how I work in small groups, drawing on background information from the essays. They were very interested in how i handled personal conflicts.


That said, the interviewers approached things with a fairly laid back demeanor. The questions were all fair game and (otherwise) general. I would really advise that you come dressed professionally. One girl I saw on interview day seemed very uncomfortable with what she was wearing.

Basically, Breathe and relax....I've been told that tons of times before...but it is tried, tested and true :)

best of luck!

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