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Life while in med school

Guest h2k

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Hi guys,

I hope everyone is doing just fine. I am actually considering dal med school in 2003-2004


I would like to have an idea about work load, and study hours/week in med school for the 4 years, and weather you have life or no. can you do anything else, can you work part time, or no time for any other activities.


also where can i find salary averages for residency programs in Nova Scotia, just to know how fast we will get out of dept and see the light.




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Guest arcticaguy

hey h2k,

I had very similar questions to yours, which I posed several times to Dal med I and II students, over the last few years. They were very positive about the atmosphere that dal med allows them. In a nutshell, the work load varies depending on whether or not it's exam time :)


It also depends on your academic background: If you had a degree in Biochemistry, for example, and were able to keep up with the lectures without much trouble, then you would be less stressed than some others lacking in that background. However, the consesus amongst the students was that usually many of them used these opportunities to catch-up on other weak areas they might have.


This said, many students have apparently been able to maintain many of their hobbies and even started new ones, while in medschool. One student said that he routinely takes Saturday evenings and most of Sundays as his private time away from meds. (except for exam time ofcourse!)


I personally believe that if you enjoy medicine, it will become part of your lifestyle, and you won't feel it is taking over your life. That is unfortunately the case for many in undergrad.


I'll get back to you in the next academic year as to whether or not I personally share these opinions ;)


Best of luck.


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