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I am just passing on an ad that sounds quite good...it was sent to me by a friend who got it from a friend a while back...


For rent- A Suite in a B&B across the street from the foothills hospital...


The back bedroom is still available...there is a queen size bed, very comfortable, and a single bed, in there now. We could easily move the single bed out, which would provide space for a small desk or table if you wanted to get one. The bedding is provided.


There is a kitchenette, with stove, fridge and microwave. Alas, no dishwasher or space to install one! There is an eating counter and two stools, plus a table and four chairs in the large living area.


The living area includes a 32 inch tv, you'd have to get your own VCR...but it does include cable. There is also a gas starter, wood fireplace. Lovely in the winter, but you'd either have to come chop wood with me, or buy your own wood!


There is a washer and dryer in a small room off the garage. And there is parking available at the side of the house, if you intend to have a car. The other med student will, so you might be able to pool with her for grocery shopping.


I thought we could do it for $650 month, if we could find two people. She is very nice...and a think the two of you would hit it off. THe rent is a bit higher than what you might pay elsewhere, but the largeness of the suite, and the closeness to the hospital makes up for it. A bus pass is $65/month, but here you won't need one.


Also, there is a double hide-a-bed in the living room, so that if either of you have family visit ocassionally, it is possible to accomodate them for a weekend. This of course would have to be worked out between the two of you, but I have no objection to it within reason.


Let me know if you need contact info.



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