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Any tips on finding an apartment?

Guest predent2003

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Guest predent2003

Hi guys,


I am wondering if anyone can give me some hints/tips on finding an apartment. Perhaps in or close to Toronto downtown?


When would be the best time to start looking? Where should I live at the mean time when I am looking for the apartment?


Would it be a better idea to borrow some $$ and pay the downpayment to get a smaller studio and pay mortgage instead of rent?


Any comment is welcome!

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Guest bluesky125



A good place to start is through the TorontoMEDS.com Classified Ads.



The newspapers, agents are also good resources.


When are you planning to move into the new place? Summer? Sept?


If you are planning to move in the summer (ie June), I recommend you start looking now. If you are moving in Sept, you still have time. I start looking for a place for Sept in the summer.


I am not sure about the renting or buying option. I haven't done too much research on that. :o



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