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Discussion: How Did You Find The Interviews?

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I had interviews at Mac, UofT and McGill.

The UofT cap and McGill interview process was a great experience. It was a friendly and good environment. McGill was the best because they gave us lots of snacks and treated us like humans :P.

Mac interview was brutal for me because it felt like a military interrogation. Not sure if it was just my group but our coordinator was super strict and not friendly at all. All they gave us was warm tap water to drink and our coordinator was reading off a paper for the introduction/instructions (briefing) making no eye contact. I remember someone asked if he could keep the Mac pen we were using as a souvenir and she got super cheesed. :lol:  The interview itself was alright,        

The volunteers helping the interview process at Mac all looked miserable and unhappy compared to UofT and McGill. Maybe its cause it was early morning not sure... 

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