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Economic Climate In Metro Cities

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So I've heard lots about how metropolitan cities (ex: Vancouver, Toronto) are super saturated with dentists and it's less profitable than rural areas, but how much less profitable? I don't really expect exact numbers but what are some ball park figures for income in: metro cities for regular dentists vs rural, or specialty dentists? And any other comments or info that's interesting or constructive to this topic. Thanks!!




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Your answer to all of the above:


Your income will be approximately:

$0 - ???


The average specialist makes more than the average GP.

The average rural dentist makes more than the average urban dentist.

You can do well in the city.

You can do poorly outside of the city.


I'm an associate GP and I made $23000 one month. $5000 another. So you can see how even just looking at ONE dentist, I couldn't tell you what my annual income is. It will likely vary to a surprising extent, from month to month and even year to year.


No one can answer these questions for you. Everything is anecdotal. If we were public servants then all of this would be open, public knowledge. But it's just never going to happen that you're going to know how well YOU are going to do. It has almost nothing to do with anyone else. 

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