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Ualberta Nursing Into Ualberta Medical School

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I have been accepted into nursing at UAlberta but would like to keep the option of medical school open. Has anyone successfully moved on from UAlberta Nursing into UAlberta Medical School or any other medical school in Canada?


There are plenty of examples of nursing students/nurses who end up in medical school. 


@Hopefullll is one example who got into UBC last year. She has been somewhat MIA on the forums now though... 


I know a few people who've done it at the UofA. I'll ask around. What would you like to know? 


- G

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I'm new on this forum so this question might of been asked before, but i was wondering if i had any chances to get into medical school after my nursing degree. I'm from Montreal, Quebec and I've done a lot of volunteering work like a humanitarian trip to Haiti, volunteering in a children's hospital for 2 years, scouts for 5 years, etc. I'm open to any medical school in Canada...so if anyone knows someone who's done it, please share!


thank you   :lol:

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