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Mcat Concerns For A Non-Science Student


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I have called all the medical schools in Canada and most do not show a concern about taking the MCAT multiple times, as long as you make the cut off eventually (on your best, or most recent MCAT, depending on the school). I worry that they might be downplaying the exam's significance. Does anyone have experience where they did not make cutoffs (not getting a self-perceived bad score, but actually not hitting the requirements) their first time and have still gotten in after another try? Also, I know in there is such a rule for US schools, but does anyone know if Canadian schools put any limit onto how many times you can take the MCAT? I am non-traditional applicant who has been trying to study for the MCAT this term with a full-course load of unrelated subjects. I have every intention of taking it again over the summer when I can do better studying, but I am wondering if I should void my score, or of it is worth the risk. If the medical schools truly do not care about previous MCAT scores, I guess it is worth it. If they do consider that though, should I void? 


I'm pretty confident they don't care. For reference, the first time I wrote the mcat, I was so nervous I got a 6/6/9 (pretty bad if you know about old mcat scores). The second time, I got 514 (129 CARS) and was offered interviews at schools that use the mcat. Also, for Western and U of T, the mcat cut-off is completely objective (i.e. if you meet the cut-offs for mcat/gpa at western, you automatically get an interview; and U of T has published cut-offs- though they do not determine interview), so its very unlikely that they would hold a previous mcat attempt against you. As others have said, there is a limit to how many times you can write a year. 

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