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Hi everyone,


I'm hoping some current Calgary medical students can provide a bit more information regarding how PBL is incorporated into content-learning at Calgary? It's been so long since the interview now, and I think I may be mixing my impression up with information from other schools. For instance, what might a typical week include in terms of lectures, PBL, etc?


Thank you!



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Calgary is not a PBL school (only Mac is PBL).

We do have small group sessions each week that are mandatory to attend and these are sometimes compared to PBL. Small group content is usually based on lecture material from the past week or so and you work through case examples. The number of small group sessions varies widely by course, but 2-3 (sometimes 4) per week is a reasonable estimate in my experience. Each small group is a 2 hour time slot.


You can see the schedule for first year on the U of C website (it's already posted). IST time is independent study time and it is for you to do as you wish. Course time for numbered courses is spent in lecture and small group. You can estimate how much time is spent in lecture if you use the 2-3 small group per week estimate above, but again, this can change a lot from course to course. Everything else (clinical core, physical exam etc) is listed in the course schedule and fairly self explanatory. It's worth noting though that the clinical core sessions listed are placeholders only and those sessions are often moved to other IST time based on preceptor availability. 


Hope this helps

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