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Stamina for MCAT Studying

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Hey peeps, 

I wrote the MCAT last year, & I didn't attain my goal score. I wrote the Kaplan FL1 & Diagnostic test again this year & it wasn't too great. Do you guys have any study tips for staying on track? Anything that worked for you?


PS I'm rewriting the MCAT late this summer 

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Take Kaplan`s diagnostic and FL1 scores with a grain of salt. If you dont mind sharing, how did you do on your last MCAT, and the kaplan tests?

With regards to CARS, the earlier the better, but you can definitely improve within 3 months, I would say that atleast 50% of your study time should go to CARS - as this will also improve your score on all sections.

With respect to staying on track, I had a day counter to test day, seeing it everyday go down would give me a mini heart attack and the motivation to study. I blocked myself off all social media and studied at the library. Depending on where you are at, I would say you should set a goal to finish content review in 30ish days, then 60-70 days of doing tests and cars passages with reviewing gaps of knowledge.

I highly recommend you visit S D N or R E D D I T, as they have dedicated and significantly larger MCAT subforums. Feel free to PM me aswell.

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