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1 minute ago, yellowrose said:

How long are you typically supposed to spend per question on panel style interviews?

I mean there are no set guidelines - 5mins or so is probably reasonable. In a perfect world you would be done a bit early for questions and also for a reserve in case you take longer with another question. 

the interviewers also often try to move things along as well, as they have more information than you - like the total number of questions or how long they have. Every school is different but of course you cannot award points for a question that was not answered, and that is a bad thing ha. 

It is not inappropriate in my mind to even ask around 1/2 through your time if you are on track time wise. Interviewers may appear nice or mean but they all want you to perform at your best and not lose out for silly things. Otherwise the school may not get to accept a candidate they probably should have. 

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