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Worried that my EC's are too generic and would appreciate any advice.

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My aGPA is around ~3.73 but I expect it to jump to around 3.8 in the near future (using the 4.33 scale). Not really relevant to my question but just thought I'd include it here if it's ever needed for any responses. I am currently in my 3rd year.

Anyways, my EC's are as follows:

Past Experiences: (Around or just after high school)

- Assistant Captain of city's hockey team
- Co-president of Environment Club in High School
- 1000+ hours of misc. community volunteer work including local community events, parks/outdoor youth assistant, community centre summer camps, etc.
- Volunteer ski instructor at Grouse Mountain for two separate seasons which involved at times, independent supervision of large groups of children while descending the mountain.
- Youth Citizenship Award for my City right before first year undergrad
- Major Entrance Scholarship worth over $20,000
- Various scholarships in the community for exemplary citizenship and volunteer activity (totalling to a few thousand dollars)
- Received a scholarship for hockey in the amount of $1000
- Reached Grade 10 in Royal Conservatory Piano


Recent/Ongoing Experiences:

- 200 hours volunteering in the Emergency Room at a city hospital.

- 8 years on a city-sponsored committee that regularly collaborates with the RCMP to promote community safety and is very active at city-wide events. In addition to being a regular member, I also hold the role of Secretary which is considered an executive position in which I draft the minutes for each meeting (technically official city documents).

- Completed a term of Co-op at the BC Center of Disease Control where in addition to my duties on the job, I designed and performed a month-long experiment which resulted in an improved laboratory technique being adopted for the forseeable future. I wrote and presented a detailed report  however, it is kept internally as opposed to being published in a peer-reviewed journal. (On that note, how useful is this for my application? My supervisor would be able to speak to the nature and quality of the report but the actual report would not be released to the public)

- Am active in the digital art community and regularly make uploads to my online art communities such as Artstation which would be easily verifiable by the UBC committee.


Future Experiences lined up:

- Another two Co-op terms at health-based establishments. Will hopefully conduct some sort of research with lasting effects similarly to my first co-op. May perhaps seek a co-op with some sort of role in humanitarian aid (how helpful would this be?)

- Will continue to volunteer with the hospital (perhaps another 100 hours or so by the time I apply)

- Will continue to volunteer with the city-sponsored community safety committee, gaining reliable and well spoken references who can attest to years of dedication and commitment to the community



Thank you for your time!

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Mirror what the previous poster said, but would add that your experience at BCCDC would definitely be worthwhile to include. I personally see significant value in being able to contribute something that has notably improved the workplace. It demonstrates commitment to an idea in addition to being able to see something through to implementation and action. Perhaps in your description you can divulge a little bit about exactly how your contributions have resulted in changes/improvements/lasting impacts etc. I had a few entries similar to this myself (i.e. unpublished, but tangible contributions to an organization etc). 

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I agree with what the above people have said - you have some pretty strong ECs, but keep in mind that it's really how you word them on the NAQ that matters. The admissions people won't know the level of your involvement or what you have done if you don't describe them properly with the limited number of characters they allow. PM if you need any help! 

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