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Suggestions to boost U of M application

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Hi there, 

I need help figuring out how to boost my statistics to get the best chance at an interview next cycle. 

AGPA = 4.06

MCAT = 510

Rural = every box checked 

SES = one box 

I realize that my numbers are slightly below what the admissions committee is looking for. I have time to rewrite my MCAT for the upcoming 2019 cycle application, or to boost my AGPA via distance ed and rewrite my MCAT for the cycle 2020 cycle. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Im wondering if i should just submit this as it is, and take some time off and really prep for the 2020 cycle, or try and raise my MCAT by 4-5 points before the end of summer (for 2019). Would 514/515 be high enough?

I come from a non traditional not science background and have risen my MCAT from a 504 on my first try to a 510 on my second, but I felt almost maxed out. I am unsure about how much higher than a 514 I could get it by August.  Raising it 6 points took about a month of nonstop cramming, and my practice test scores were sort of hitting a plateau at 510 (+/-). 

Any tips or insight is appreciated, thank you! :)

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If you have time and the finances, may rewrite your MCAT.

That being said, I maxed out on my earlier writes and kinda regret rewriting. For context, I had a 503. 

I prepped for the interview religiously, but I think it can be risky because how well you do depends on many variables that you can't control on interview day... That being said, I did well enough in my interview to get accepted early and only checked off 2 SES boxes. So its possible!!!

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