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Chances at DO School?

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Hey guys! I'm a Canadian student entering into my 5th year. I've been getting mixed reviews on my current application stats and was contemplating if it was worth a shot to try for DO this year, or if I should wait it out a year (too boost the resume). I have shadowed a couple MD's but no DO's, and I'm applying to the 6-7 Canadian Friendly schools! My stats are below:

GPA: 3.90

sGPA: 3.84

MCAT: 513 (130 CP / 125 CARS / 128 BB / 130 PS)

1 Summer as a Camp Counselor

2 Years as Biochemistry Research Assistant (Volunteering)

30 Hours working Retail (Over 1 Summer)

6 Hours shadowing a Family Doctor

7 Hours shadowing an Otolaryngologist 

20 Hours shadowing a Neurologist 

300 Hours volunteering in a Medical Clinic abroad 

3 Years of Intramural Basketball

50 Hours volunteering at a Rehab Institute 

2 Years Executive member of University's United Way Chapter

2 Years Peer Tutoring (1 on 1 tutoring freshman university students)


Please let me know what you guys think and what my next steps should be! Appreciate all the advice :)!

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I'm gonna go with the benefit of the doubt here and assume that you have a burning passion for DO, in that case, you as very competitive. If you are considering MD as well then you are competitive for Canada and even more so for the US. So in short, yes your stats look great!

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Awesome GPA...and yes, you're more than competitive for DOs. I'd also say the same for USMD. Try to get more shadowing and Local clinical volunteering (some people say Adcoms have stigma against abroad clinical volunteering) during this year as you apply. 

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