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short white coat?

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You can get one at the bookstore for pretty cheap (~$20?). It’s a boxy fit, but does the job. There are also a bunch of medical uniform places on Broadway near VGH that have lots more to choose from in terms of fits and fabrics and price ranges. The purple book from last year’s class should also have suggestions for you on where to get one.

It’s kind of up to you how much you want to spend and how much you care about fit and function.  I had to wear one for family practice, but I think the majority don’t (depends on your preceptor). Other than that, then only time you really need it is for the clinical OSCE exams. Personally, I spent a little more ($40?) for something with well-placed pockets and a breathable fabric because I get super hot in stressful exam situations and I hate having to fumble in my pockets. But many people go for the cheapest option since you use it so little, and that seems to work just fine.

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