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What are my chances for U of C? Good CARS and GPA, terrible MCAT

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Hey guys! I've been reading a lot of posts but still feeling uncertain about whether I should even apply. Also after posting this I realized I wasn't posting specifically to U of C so apologies for that!

My undergrad is a BA with combined honours bio/french and my GPA calculated by UCAN is 3.85 not including my MSc grades because I am planning to apply to LiM and will very likely not be finished my MSc in time for this cycle anyway. This brings me to my first question as to whether this is reasonable? If I apply again next year my GPA will be calculated as 3.88 thanks to graduate courses. It is my understanding that I can't include my MSc grades since I won't be finished for the cut off date.

The main issue is my MCAT. I only scored a 498 BUT my CARS is 128 (family problems, didn;t really study - thanks to the BA I just happen to be a natural at CARS). Am I too screwed for the qualitative assessment of academic ability because of that low overall MCAT? Is it worth applying?

I think I have pretty okay ECs, I've done a lot for mental health (organized fundraiser, teach mental health in high schools, created mental health choir at my school, collaborating to have music mental health week at U of C next year),I also  have my own business as a piano teacher, worked as a caregiver for a woman with CP, grew up very rural and plan to include how this impacted me in my top 10. I've done several other volunteer and teaching roles as well.


Looking forward to any insight or suggestions! Thanks!

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If you didn't get an interview I'd be pretty shocked. 128 cars is average-ish for accepted applicants, 3.85 is competitive, it all really depends how well your top ten is rated (which is anyone's guess). Definitely worth a shot if you're IP. U of A has a dedicated rural stream which you would also be a solid candidate for so apply to that as well if you're IP. 

I don't think your MCAT will hold you back...only CARS factors directly into your scoring. The rest of the MCAT isn't scored directly, they just use it as an indicator of academic ability alongside your course load, what you studied, etc. 

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