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OT admission and Undergrad Caseload

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On 7/30/2018 at 3:32 PM, JessRae1995 said:

Hi there,

I have a quick question- does anyone have any experience with successful admission into any OT programs even with completing a degree “part time”? Most of my semesters consisted of 3-4 courses with one semester of 5 while working fulltime in the field. Any similar experiences/feedback?

My undergrad course load was similar to yours and I have been accepted into McMaster's OT this year. I also worked full-time for few years in a related field. Although, I have noticed that most OT schools favor full-time course load (5 courses/term or 30 credits/year). Alberta, Western and UofT definitely favors students that have taken heavy course load and maintained a good GPA. I don't think your entire undergrad has to be finished in 4 years but as long as you have few terms of successful completion of 5 courses, it could make you more competitive. I think that was a drawback in my application. I was wait-listed in some schools but noticed that applicants with similar GPA receiving admission offers. Mac's OT initially ranks applicants based on GPA for interview consideration and that's why having part-time or full-time course load doesn't make a big difference as long as you can make the GPA cut-off. All the best!

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My friend was a part-time student throughout her entire undergrad and got accepted to all of the OT programs in Ontario. However, she did have a very good reason for being a part-time student (family support related) and a great sGPA (>3.95). 

At the time, she was also worried that this would be a disadvantage and some schools did tell her that a full course load was preferred, so she made sure to talk about her reasons for being a part-time student in her personal statements.

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