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Basic Science Prequisites - BSc. university applicant after doing an Arts and Sciences CEGEP degree


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Hi everyone! I hope that you are doing well, and that you're having a good end to the summer! I am entering my last year of doing my BSc. in Behavioural Neuroscience at Concordia University, and am planning to apply to the M.D.C.M. at McGill for the upcoming admission cycle. I completed my CEGEP degree in Arts and Sciences at Marianopolis College. As part of this CEGEP degree, I had to take one general chemistry class (which in itself was a combination of the traditional general chemistry I & II offered in health and in pure and applied), two physics classes, four mathematics classes (two of which are enough to satisfy McGill's basic science prerequisite), two general biology classes and one organic class. When I was accepted for admission at Concordia, I received exemptions from taking both general chemistry classes (i.e. at Concordia, CHEM 205 & 206) at the undergraduate level, and, when later consulting an undergraduate advisor, was told that I was not allowed to take the second general chemistry class at all. However, I know that for admissions at McGill Med, I am required to have taken two general chemistry classes....I also know that McGill makes exceptions for Arts and Sciences students who apply to pre-Med, i.e. taking one general chemistry course is fine, provided that two physics classes are taken and one organic chemistry class is taken. I am wondering if this flexibility also applies to BSc. students (coming from Arts and Sciences in CEGEP) applying directly to the M.D.C.M.

Sorry for the long and complicated message! Thanks for your help!

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Since you are missing 2 pre-requisites, you have two options.
Source : https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements-edu/basic-science-prerequisites

1 - Ask for exemption if applicable


'Advanced studies in the basic sciences may also be considered in this assessment. Candidates seeking an exemption from having to retake expired science courses because of their continuous advanced scientific degree programs or research work are encouraged to contact the admissions office between June and September of the year they wish to apply to medicine.  Please send your request for an exemption by submitting all relevant forms*, transcripts and CV by email to the Office of Admissions. Requests will be reviewed in the order received.'

2 - Take the 2 missing chemistry classes


'At least 5 of 7 OPTION 1 science prerequisite courses, including labs, must be completed (with official grades submitted) by the Nov. 1 application deadline. If applicable, the grades for a maximum of 2 in-progress science prerequisite courses may be submitted by January 15 prior to admission.'

You still have time to enroll in a CEGEP or add these two classes to your current curriculum.
You will be able to apply because you can have 2 pending pre-reqs maximum.
They will have to be completed by Jan. 2019.

Good luck!:)

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