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When to start OMSAS Application


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Hi everyone

So I feel like everyone knows this and I dont but, when should I start/how much time does it take to complete the OMSAS application for Canadian med schools? I'm asking because I am writing my MCAT in August, going on a trip, then going to school in September, and the deadline is Oct 1st, so I am not sure if I honestly have the time to complete my application on time (or very well at least). I never really thought about actually applying because I was so caught up with my MCAT, but I really do want to apply this year.

So is it fine to literally start like barely a month out? Will I have enough time? Balancing it along with school as well...


-Also still need to take the CASPER, but apparently I can do that after the deadline? Im not sure either...

-I've also asked 2/3 references already, so I feel like I'm committed without actually doing anything.

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A lot of students start the application process in the late spring as if you are applying to 20  schools it can add up. If you limit the number of schools you apply to this year, you may be able to finish the applications well before the deadline, but it is best not to rush it and have great applications than rushing to meet the deadline.

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Start doing little bits at a time and eventually it will add up. I started mine in mid-late August I believe, but I did small chunks at a time instead of sitting down day after day working on it. If you open the application now, you can get things done like grade inputs, pre-requisite information, etc., and then slowly work on the more time consuming parts. Start brainstorming answers to any of the essay questions. Things like the ABS you can begin by just writing in your items for, and then work on the descriptions later. Eventually you'll end up getting it done and can spend time editing and refining your sketch/essay Qs. You can do any of these things even just during MCAT study breaks. It adds up. :)

(This is for the Ontario schools - not sure any of the deadlines for the other provinces)

I'd also suggest asking that third reference sooner rather than later to 1) make sure they can do it and 2) give them ample time to get it completed.

Casper you can't complete until you submit your application anyways. There's lots of time in October for that.

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