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question about mcat? ^_^

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Hey guys!

Does anyone know if the timer will keep going when the 10min/30min breaks r up? I did the aamc FL last year and u had to click "next" even after the break was over. But this year, the timer just keeps going. Has anyone taken the real mcat.. what was is like?

Also, for those who have taken the mcat already, would u recommend eating during the 10min breaks? I get hungry pretty quickly lol but idk if 10min is enough for signing in/out, going to the washroom, and a snack?

Thanks! :) 

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yeah this is probably going to be something you learn about during your full practise exams (which is why you have to take them as full exams in my opinion - part of mcat training is practicing dealing with an exam which is very long relative to anything else people have had in the past. You cannot train for a marathon by running sprints over and over again). 

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On 8/12/2018 at 1:41 PM, bananabread1212 said:

:o that sucks! would u reccomend eating a snack during the 10min breaks then? im kinda scared ill go over the 10min... lol

You will have time to take a break and eat a snack, there is usually a break room right beside the exam room. Just make note of the clock and use it as a break to relax and de-stress.

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10 min is enough time to have a quick snack or run to the bathroom.  Usually the people working the test are pretty fast and efficient.  I found it was nice to leave the testing room during the breaks to clear my head for a second before going back in.

That being said, a guy on my test date downed two redbulls during his lunch and went right back in to the test, so you do you :)

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