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MCAT in January


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Hello peeps,

I decided to write the MCAT in January 2019 which seemed like the only good option given my position in my degree program. However, as Jan 2019 approaches I am feeling more and more apprehensive. I haven't gotten very far with my content review so far and I feel that once classes start in September I will find it harder and harder to keep up with content review along with other extra-curricular stuff I am involved with. I wanted to finish most of the studying this summer, but I wasn't able to manage it with a full time job and a class.

A lot of the classes I am taking this semester do cover MCAT topics but I am not sure how far studying for the classes alone will take me. Also I haven't been able to take an OChem class so far due to scheduling difficulties. It doesn't help that I hope to aim high on the MCAT (~520s if possible).

I was wondering if anyone here has written their MCAT in Jan and done well on it. What are some tips and tricks you would suggest to help keep up with content review throughout the semester? How did you guys manage to balance MCAT study and your grades during the school year?

Any tips and suggestions will be very appreciated

Thank you in advance!

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