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Just now, KeyzerSoze said:

So I'm in my 3rd year of Med Sci at Western and I'm kind of worried that I did poorly on my Anatcell3319 midterm. I'm worried that I got somewhere between 80-85, and if I get an 80 for a full year course it'll lower my GPA noticeably. For anyone that has taken Anatcell 3319 before, does it get any better/harder? I'm seriously considering dropping it.

A is good. GPA is not the only criterion. Finish that course if you need it in your program. If you don’t, the decision is yours whether you would drop it or not.

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1 minute ago, KeyzerSoze said:

I do need it for my degree...but that midterm was the most in-detailed one I've done in undergrad so far and I'm kind of shook lol...I don't really respond well to adversity I guess

Questions to ask yourself:

1) Are there other courses that will count toward my degree aside from this anatomy course?

2) Is this course offered in the summer?

If your answer is YES to both of these questions, you may want to drop it and if you really want to keep that ~4.0 GPA.

If I were in your shoes, I would just keep it, knowing that the other components of my application are strong.

The call is yours.

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9 hours ago, Meridian said:

As remorelan points out - don't loose wGPA weighting by dropping the course. An 80 is still OK for a course if the others are above 85.   It is when grades fall into the 70's that the GPA really takes the hit.

or at least consider the effects. Maybe you have already dropped a course in the past and it won't impact you a second time. Maybe you have 6 courses lined up this year some where so at the end of the year you still have 5.0 credits done (or a ton of schools won't consider the year). Maybe you have better years some where else and aiming for western and the entire year won't count anyway. Ha a lot of maybes :) Make an informed choice is my point - and there are worse things than the odd A- true but the overall plan is the question. 


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