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Hi All,

I am planning to go on exchange if possible for the fall 2019 semester. I have considered universities in Australia, Singapore, UK, and USA (through NSE). However, I am also planning on applying to physiotherapy programs during that cycle. Does anyone have any experience with the process of getting transcripts and inputting grades to ORPAS and the schools themselves? I am just worried that the transcripts won't come in on time.



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Hey there!  I went on exchange to Australia in Winter Term 2016 and I am also planning on applying.  Western had told me that IF they fall into my last two years I would have to include a WES evaluation and send them that AND the transcripts.  Found here: https://www.wes.org/ca/

I know Australia (at least Griffith) has an express Transcript service that only takes a week but costs about $50 on top of the transcript fee.  I am unsure as to how that will work though, as after exams they need time to mark, make grades official etc.  But then again Australia's school system is a little different.  Like I remember that my schooling didn't start until February as our winter is their "summer" so maybe they have a longer break before Christmas?. 

It took me a lot to find how they will translate the grades if they use them and I am still pretty unsure as to how it will work.  But I am pretty sure that a 7 (highest in Australia) is a 4.0 here and a 6 is a 3.3.   I would honestly contact both the school that you want to apply to for PT AND also your home university/ exchange school.  WES evaluations may take awhile on top of all of that.

If you have any questions about Australia or any more about what I plan on doing with my exchange transcript let me know :)



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