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Clinical Research or Laboratory Research?


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For admissions purposes? There is no preference, although admittedly I think it's generally a lot easier to get published in clinical studies. Additionally, if it's in a specialty you want to pursue in the future, it obviously yields many more benefits down the road in terms of pubs, networking, etc.

There's so many more important factors though like which you enjoy more, if the PI can write you a good letter of reference, and which is less time intensive so you can focus on GPA (if you're doing research during the school year).

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If I already have plenty of lab research,  would it be prudent to try clinical research?  I also am not the biggest on lab research-  I enjoy it,  but I couldn't see myself doing it forever.  Clinical research seems like it would interest me more and would be more directly applciacble to life if that makes any sense.  Getting published easier is also a bonus :lol: What do you guys think?  

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