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non Grad 3.4 2yr wGPA?

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If the higher of the two GPAs that Queen's calculates (either cumulative or 2 most recent years) is a 3.4, your application will most likely not make it past the GPA and MCAT screening. Queen's admissions is sequential, meaning both your MCAT and GPA need to meet the cutoff for them to even open your application, so nothing in your application will even matter. For reference, UofT, which generally has an average of 3.96 for accepted students, will not consider applicants with lower than a 3.6. GPA is really fundamental, so if you don't meet it, there is nothing you can do to help your application other than raising your GPA. Grad students are generally given a GPA bump which is why you'll see some of them get in with undergrad GPAs in the 3.5/3.6 range, but they'll also have their grad school GPA in their application which are usually very high for these applicants (3.8/3.9 or higher). 

Now that you've added specifics about your GPA: Is your 3rd year GPA only from one semester? If you can keep it at that for next semester, as well as in your last year, your 2 year GPA will be good for Queen's. If you've applied this year as a third year applicant, I don't think you'll make it to file review.

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