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Hi Everyone, 

I am currently deciding if I should even try applying to OT this year. My current subGPA is 3.82 and cGPA is 3.44. I am unsure if this is even competitive after seeing the GPA's of other applicants. Due to my poor cGPA, I am only applying to schools which look at SubGPA.  I don't have any experience directly working with an OT, but I am currently working in the addiction and rehabilitation sector.  I have experience being involved on my school campus, volunteering in the community but once again it isn't directly related to OT. 

I'm just currently doubting myself that I even have a chance. The school I want to get into is McMaster, and last year the interview cut off was 3.77 (which I am above), but it seems every year the number increases, so I doubt I even have a chance. 

Any opinions? 

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If you don't have much experience, McMaster is the best option because they only look at sGPA and give interviews based on that. The cutoff was 3.77 but it was lowered to 3.74 or something last year, after the waitlist. You stand a very good chance at McMaster. 

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It's best to go off the cut-off of past years for each school you want to apply to rather than compare to others. If McMaster's cut-off last year was 3.77, you should be fine with a 3.82. It went up by 0.05 from 2017-18, which is a huge jump; I doubt that would happen again this year. I also heard what MWUQ said - that the cut-offs for both PT and OT were lowered to allow more individuals to interview. I also think you have a great chance at meeting the cut-off at McMaster. There's other schools that you can apply to with those grades too. Hope this helps boost your morale :) 

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