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MMI Long Format & Top 10

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Hi All,

In Dr. Walker's 2018 MMI information podcast, he discusses the introduction of two longer format interview stations and says that one has to do with the Top 10 on your application. However, he says it will not be a discussion of your Top 10, as they have already been evaluated. What the heck!?

Did anyone have a 2018 interview at U of C and go through the long format Top 10 station? Can you provide any insight into what kind of questions were asked?

Thank you!

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What he likely meant is that it will not be a comprehensive discussion of each entry in your top 10. The panel stations are more about your ability to reflect deeply + show the interviewers who you are, as opposed to an opportunity to re-iterate your application at the surface level. This will be done via your top10 as a vehicle.

I know being an interviewee is super stressful and you probably just want to claw for any info you can get, because you feel it provides some certainty to a process fraught with uncertainty. But there's really not much that can be added to what Dr. Walker said. 

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