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I'm a fourth year student in the process of applying to medical school. My best year was first year and I dropped off a bit but have been pretty consistent. Can someone help analyze my gpa and if I am a competitive applicant for Ontario medical school

First year: 3.92

Second: 3.87

Third and Fourth: 3.88

Does it look bad that my first year gpa was the highest and that I got the same GPA in third and fourth year? The reason for the decline, is that while I continued to get the same amount of 85-90's, I received a high 70 in a course in third and fourth year, which affected my overall GPA.

Please let me know if these marks are competitive. 

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You have consistently good marks.  The variation is not significant.    UofT wGPA will null out those single low marks in 3rd and 4th year.  You are good for all schools with potentially Ottawa being the only stretch due to high GPA thresholds.  Nail the MCAT to open up all the schools and do well on the Casper for MAC.    

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