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Should I even bother applying?

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I am just about finished my masters in neuroscience! I used to want to do a phD in neuroscience but the more I am in the research world the more I am longing for medicine, specifically neurology. 

I'm wondering if I should even bother applying to med school though. My GPA in undergrad isn't good (2.9/4) - but I've since matured and I have a 3.9/4 GPA in my masters, 4 first-author publications, 1 book publication, 12 academic awards, 2 scholarships, over 10 media interviews (knowledge dissemination), and 15 oral and poster presentations. I know I will have great reference letters too. I think I could do well on the MCAT now that I'm older.. but my fear is that my undergrad GPA will cancel out all the accomplishments in my masters and I won't stand a chance. I know UofT values graduate applications if you showed success in your program - but again, the 2.9 GPA is probably a deal-breaker. Are there any other Canadian universities that don't focus so much on undergraduate GPAs?

What are your thoughts? 

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