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For Those Rejected or Waitlisted (Back up plan) for MD and DMD


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My suggestions would be :

Back-up plans :

  • 1 year masters
  • Working 
  • Research
  • Combination of all of the above

Pre-reqs :

  • Online universities (Athabasca)
  • Local university (Apply as visiting student)
  • CEGEP (Check application deadlines)
  • Combination of above (Check with McGill that they recognize the course you are taking)


Also, if you did retake them, did they affected your cGPA or just science GPA? 
  • If you re-take them, McGill looks at the GPA of the degree you are using to apply.
  • Therefore, the GPA of classes taken outside of your degree do not affect your degree's GPA.
  • Check the rules for other schools.
Best of luck!:)
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