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Second Undergrad, MSc or MScPT

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Hey everyone, looking for advice on next step.

Have completed five years of undergrad

Year 1-3

Low GPA (~2.0). Year 1 was full time, years 2-3 were part-time. Withdrew from the program.

Year 4-5

GPA (~3.95), both full-time. Another institution.


125/128/125/127 (505) 

ON applicant 

Have plenty of volunteer/work/research experience. Should I think about doing another year of undergrad (to have three solid years, would possibly open up Ottawa)? Complete a research or physiotherapy masters (currently being considered for both)? I do have interest in both research and physical therapy, so neither would be a huge imposition. Or should I just re-write the MCAT and try again with the two most recent years to try and get into Queen's? Any advice is appreciated.

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You need to re-write the MCAT. Do it late this summer if you can swing it.   That could open up Queen's and UWO.   A 6th year with high GPA is alot of work to only maybe open up Ottawa.  UofT and MAC are likely out of reach due to your yr 1-3 GPA.   

I don't think a research masters will really help that much for med school - although a lot of candidates try that way to improve their chances. Its +2 years of your life.    Physio Masters might provide a better plan B career path.  Maybe plan to do a work year instead of school ?

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