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U of M VS U of W

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I am new to this forum so I apologize if I am doing something wrong.


I am currently a grade 12 high school student that has been accepted at both University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg. I was wondering if you guys had any advice on which school to pick.


I live closer to the University of Winnipeg and I have heard good things about it. (smaller class sizes, better relationship with profs, etc.)


I know that the University of Manitoba is generally seen as a better school for sciences and that there are more opportunities there but it is a larger school so it can be more difficult to talk to your prof. 


I would appreciate any advice or experiences that will help me to pick a uni. TYIA :)

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I went to U of M and enjoyed it. While the lower years are usually massive in size, as you get into your niche of higher levels the class sizes are much smaller (I had classes of 5-10). Most profs were welcoming to questions and I was even able to work closely with some. You will be a bit more anonymous for the most part, and will likely not know a lot of your classmates. I didn't mind that but that's not for everyone. 

Living close to U of W is definitely a good perk though. Especially if you can walk or take the bus there easily. 

In the end I feel it's more about how you make the most of your time in the university than the school. That's just my opinion though. 

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I went to U of W and loved it - my first year classes were large (not as big as U of Ms) and as the years went on, the classes were smaller and my cohort in my major became very close.

This also greatly helped me in getting to know some of the profs, one of who became my honours thesis advisor! I think half the people I was close with ended up getting into med too all over Canada. I'd say I've known equal amount of U of W and U of M graduates to get into med school if thats part of your concern.

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