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Experience avec Cegep Heritage? et faire Physique 2 apres plusieurs annees


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2 questions !


1) Quelqu'un a de l'experience avec le cegep Heritage, pour un prerequis pr McGill? Wanting to do a prereq at Heritage cegep and wondering if anyone had any reviews?


2) Ca fais plusieurs annees que j'ai complete la sequence Physique 1 2 3, mais je veux refaire physique 2 pour augmenter la cote prereq. I'm a pretty good student, but am worried that having done physics 1 so long ago, it will be tough to understand physics 2. Is this a valid concern? Will I be able to catch up reasonably quick to get a good grade in the summer course, provided I study sufficiently? Or will I be scrambling to remember everything from physics 1 in order to understand what's going on.



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