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Fourth year away electives

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Hey guys!

I was just curious about how the away electives in year 4 mesh with CARMS apps. As someone who is interested in away electives and exploring options in other provinces, the time scheduling around the start of fourth year seems very cramped, with the application cycle literally beginning during away electives. Any ideas on how to approach that time with elective scheduling (e.g. front loading)? Also is it common practice to ask an attending for a letter after only a 2 week rotation?


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I assume you are entering your third year of studies.

Hopefully COVID situation improves but there may be a chance you don’t get visiting electives next year (current boat I am in). You can definitely get a letter in a 2-week rotation, just have to work hard, do extra work and show interest.

generally speaking most people get letters on their elective rotations which are on average 2-weeks in length unless you are doing a CTU elective for IM, which in those instances are usually 3-week in length.

Not sure what you mean by front loading. Although CARMS apps open early in 4th year, letters of references are not typically due until closer to the end of your elective period but generally you want to do your program of interest electives pre CARMS app deadlines.

so in short

1. pray you get visiting electives if you are hoping to spend time out of your home school.

2. Yes you can get a strong letter in a 2-week rotation 


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