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Hey Y’all,

I have applied to accelerated nursing at Mac, Queens, Western, York and U of T and am curious about the competitiveness of my application?

I have a ton of extracurricular slots of Covid related research and even pharma related work regarding covid.  

I have >700 research hours accumulated through hospital research. I have presented this research at different research seminars, as well as have two upcoming publications.

I volunteered to train cancer patients and cardiac disease patients aiming to use exercise as a form of treatment for there disease.

mark wise cumulatively I have a 80 overall average with an 84 in my final term thus far.  

i have plenty of sport relegated things too such as intramural, I am a amateur kick-boxer as well.  

just curious what other applications and grades are generally seen by applicants? My number one school would be U of T! 

feedback would be greatly appreciated 

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