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MCAT Prep materials and schedule


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Hi all,

I was wondering if I can get feedback for my MCAT prep materials and schedule. As background, I'm in my 2nd year of mech eng but already have an IT - game dev degree. So, I have taken physics courses and one first-year chem course and from my previous degree, I have taken intro psych and sociology courses.

I was hoping to test early August so I can get my results in time and have enough time to complete my applications depending on my results.

Materials (Trying not to spend too much):

Kaplan Test Prep - MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2021-2022: (Online + Book + 3 Practice Tests)

Khan Academy - MCAT Test Prep (to supplement Kaplan where needed)

MCAT Official Prep Practice Exams 1-4 (I may not get all 4)


January to April (while handling a 6 course load eng sem):
1-2 hours/day and 5-6 days/week (around 10 hours/week).

My plan would be to mostly study in the morning before my classes since none of them are super early anyways. This way I can try to avoid my MCAT study from interfering with school.

May to July (while either working a full-time eng co-op position or any full-time job):
2-3 hours/day and 5-6 days/week (around 14 hours/week).

So, my total MCAT study would be around 300-330 hours.

I haven't decided in which order I would be studying the sections so feedback on that would help as well.

Also could someone possibly confirm what most people here mean when they say Kaplan books like are they referring to what I have listed in my prep materials as in "MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2021-2022" or do they mean a different book set as I noticed that there are multiple sets that Kaplan offer. Sorry, I'm just new to these prep materials as I just started to look into them so wasn't all sure.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey again! Your plan and materials both look good to me. The materials you listed (Kaplan set + AAMC exams) are exactly what I used when studying (except I didn't use Khan), and I scored well! I would recommend getting all of the AAMC exams- they're the most like the actual exam and were really helpful to know what sort of things to expect. As for the Kaplan books, I can confirm that what you listed is what people are talking about :)

I will say though, studying for the MCAT during school/work can be quite heavy so make sure you take care to not get burned out. Obviously you know yourself and what you can handle best- but I was really burned out after my four months of studying during the summer (I also worked a little less than full time while studying) 

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