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How would my application be viewed?


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So I am a 2nd degree student from Ontario, Canada. My 2nd degree will take 3 years to complete due to transfer credits. I have done my research regarding Canadian medical schools  and understand their view of 2nd degree students quite well. The issue I am having is with American medical schools since information regarding 2nd degrees and how GPA is calculated is quite hard to find. Does anyone know how my GPA will be calculated if I apply with a 2nd degree? Will they also look at my 1st degrees GPA? 


Just a side note. My first degrees GPA is quite poor due to many severe family issues arising. These events impacted my focus on school a lot and so my GPA suffered



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AMCAS uses a cumulative GPA regardless (and a separate GPA of just science/math courses), but if you can meet a school's cut offs to get your application actually looked at, some look at trends, ie if you have a second degree 3.8+ then it's likely they can overlook a cumulative GPA of 3.65 at some schools. That's said its harder if you're Canadian, and not all schools are "holistic" in this way. They are also more strict about the MCAT, limiting the number of times you can take it, looking at every time you took it and taking the average score, etc.

Of note many American schools have a special master's program for just this very situation, so they know how it works.

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@bearded frog

Hey first off thanks for answering so many of my questions!


Second, do you know what is the minimum cumulative GPA that would get American medical schools to look at my application? My first degree had a horrible GPA (CGPA 2.6). I had many family issues which resulted in this. 

I am certain I can get above 3.8 in my second degree.

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