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What should I do to diversify and boost my application competitiveness during my gap year

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I feel kind of lost because I'm going down a path that I hadn't thought of when I was back in school. I'm thinking of doing a second degree at UBC to boost my grades and ECs. I have about 1.5 years before I re-enter school through the next application cycle. I would appreciate any suggestions as to how I can diversify and  boost my ECs and other stats during the gap year for UBC med specifically.

Grade Point Avg: 84.7% (AGPA), BA from a US university 

Here are my ECs so far. 

- A cook/kitchen helper for a standalone restaurant - 2 months (and continuing and will continue for at least another 8 months) 

- Media arts volunteer for youth-at-crisis (~1.7 years, ~300 hours)

- Lab Assistant for a chemical testing company (~5.5 months)

- iGEM research student member for ~1.5 years.

- Neuroscience lab volunteer for ~1 year in my second year.

- English language volunteer for a 5th grade student from abroad - 4 hrs (1 hr each week) and continuing.

- Founded a research club but it failed due to funding problems related to covid (not even sure whether to put this down)  ~1.5 years

- Pending a CRC check as a literacy volunteer for aboriginal people/immigrants.

 Soccer coach and language tutor in high school (Not sure if I can get a verification for this come applications though) (2 years)

UBC apparently likes to see hobbies and personal interests. A few that I have: 

- Learning 3D modelling for animations and renders

- Have been writing a novel for years

- Travelling the city

- walking long distances from home every evening and listening to podcasts.

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Yeah that GPA isn't second degree worthy, nothing wrong with doing more undergrad if you think you can get that GPA even higher, but you could probably just do a post-bac and be in range with diminishing returns past that, especially UBC which takes all your courses and drops your worst year and doesn't give extra points for a second degree.

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