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How does western evaluate the 3/5 rule for second undergrad degrees?

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So I did email Western about this (they haven't responded yet) but I just wanted to ask here in case someone is familiar with this already or has/was in the same situation as me. I did 3 years in another undergrad program before I decided to transfer into my current one. With my transfer credits I can complete it in 3 years, and currently I'm in my second last year. My university considers me a "second year" student and I am mainly taking second year courses because I have to fulfill prerequisite requirements before I can take the third/fourth year courses in my final year. Basically I had no choice and had to do it this way to fulfill the degree requirements. 

How does Western look at applicants in my situation? I know 3/5 of the courses you take have to be at your year level or above. Would Western consider me a third year student, or a second year student? I'm hoping to apply this upcoming cycle, so hopefully they would consider my GPA from this year and then look at my final year conditionally. I would hate to write off Western because I really want to apply to their md program. Like I said, there is no way my university would have let me take upper year courses without the prerequisites. 

Any insight would be appreciated!! 

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