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How to be competitive for FM as US MD grad?


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Hi everyone

I am a Canadian attending a US MD school (first year) and I am interested in matching to FM at U of T or Mcgill. What does a competitive applicant look like? I imagine it's similar to US but I just want to make sure. US schools don't know much about matching back to Canada ...

I do plan on doing an away rotation at U of T and Mcgill btw

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It's pretty similar. To match to FM, you should demonstrate an interest in FM through electives and LORs, any sort of research or other ECs is probably not necessary in terms of matching FM anywhere, but some programs are more competitive than others, and if you're limited to only U of T or McGill, then you will ideally do electives there which you're already on track for, LORs from staff(s) at those specific programs, and ECs/research/something else that would put you above the average FM applicant.

I don't think USMD especially hurts you or helps you (beyond hurting you making it more difficult to do electives, and the generic not doing med school where you want to match missing out home program advantage), but perhaps in personal letters or interviews you can leverage your USMD experience into a unique thing that you have: exposure to a wider range of different populations, working in a different health care system (and this is where I would go hard on stuff like "Witnessed how inequitable access to care through profit-driven health care systems perpetuated the systemic disadvantages that marginalized communities and populations face, and look forward to learning and practicing in a public health care system, as well as using my experience to drive for further health care reform to improve access to undeserved communities" etc.).

When you do your rotations ask to meet with the PDs and ask them what thing's their program is looking for from a resident, and specifically a USMD resident.

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