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Resident Physician offering Application Help and Interview Prep - $65/hr

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Hi everyone!

I am now offering my services to prospective medical school applicants interested in focusing on Canadian medical school MMI/panel interviews. I have extensive experience coaching applicants with interview preparation, working with >50 applicants previously and have helped many review/edit applications!

As someone who had gone through 2 admissions cycles myself and focused heavily on interview preparation for the 2nd cycle, I know that honest feedback and intensive, sustained, practice is the only way to make significant gains for interview capability and will therefore strive to give honest open feedback and suggestions. This applies to application writing as well.

I personally interviewed at 7 different schools themselves, and has served as an official admissions interviewer in the past. I have reviewed applications and applied to 9 medical schools across Canada

I am familiar with the following schools for  interview preparation and application writing: UBC, Toronto, Calgary, Alberta, Queens, Ottawa, McMaster. Some experience with Dal.


*Served as an admissions interviewer for 2 separate years

*Entry into 7 Canadian Medical Schools (UBC, ALBERTA, CALGARY, MCMASTER, QUEENS, OTTAWA, TORONTO) 

*Interview coach and application reviewer for 5 years for 2 prep companies (will not be named)

*Worked with >50 students in the past 5 years with interviews and application review in panel and MMI style

*Current Resident Doctor in Canada in a competitive program

Send me a DM if interested :)

Best of luck to everyone this cycle

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