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Worth it to do a masters?

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I will be finishing my MSc in Alberta next year and would like to apply to UofT medicine (and also UBC, Calgary, Alberta, Dalhousie, Mac etc...lol a whole bunch!). I have heard that some universities in Canada give extra credit on file ranking if you have a graduate degree. Is this true? Does it make a big deal at the end of the day or is usually an undergrad more than enough? 


Thank you 

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How big of a difference a graduate degree makes depends on a lot of factors including, among many other things, how borderline your undergrad GPA was to begin with, how productive your graduate degree was in terms of research productivity and publications, and how you communicate why you did a Master's degree and what you were able to gain from it.

Based on admission statistics from the past, an undergraduate degree is often more than enough, but graduate school can provide enough of a boost in certain circumstances to overcome some additional application deficiencies. I don't think anyone can definitely say exactly what that boost is though.

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