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Looking for some EC Guidance from Med students or Interviewed applicants

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Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well.
I'm currently in my 3rd year and gearing up to tackle my OMSAS application. However, I'm feeling lost in the process, particularly when it comes to my lack of extracurricular activities. I've been struggling a lot with confidence in this area and could really use some guidance.
I come from an immigrant background and don't know anyone with experience in med, so I'm reaching out to this community. Are there any med students or individuals who have successfully navigated the interview process that could spare some time to speak with me and provide some guidance?
I would be incredibly grateful!
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Active citizenship, contributing to one's community (which includes the wider community beyond the university), is an important ingredient in the overall application process - and this is where CanMEDS competencies are important. Having a competitive GPA is not enough as there are more competitive applicants than seats available! You can demonstrate CanMEDS competencies from employment, volunteering, sports, the arts and a variety of ECs. My background is similar to yours and didn't know anyone with a med background. Indeed, I come from poverty, I was shy and forced myself to become involved with uncomfortable situations beyond my comfort level so as to become comfortable in difficult situations, which was important for my personal growth and development.

In regard to the interview process, go to the Forum dealing with Medical School Interviews and review the threads of Arztin and future_doc - both of which are excellent.

Applying in 3rd year will give you experience in the Application process that will be helpful for the following year. Meanwhile, you should seek volunteering experience within the community so as to demonstrate your empathy, compassion and leadership qualities, be it as lifeguard, assisting the blind, the disabled, vulnerable children, you are limited only by your imagination.

Good Luck in this marathon where perseverance and luck both play important roles!

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