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Second iteration pathology

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I am interested in applying for pathology in the second iteration as a CMG who didn't match in the first iteration.

Does anyone know if pathology is reasonable to get into in the second iteration? I have done some shadowing but no formal electives in the field.

In addition, I have heard negative things about McMaster's pathology program but no one can give me concrete answers as to what, and I'm unsure how concerned I should be?

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When it's competitive stream, you have to compete with IMGs or CSAs who may be more qualified on paper. For example, a lot of IMGs have pathology related graduate degrees or research experience. Some CSA would've done electives in pathology because it's known to be more IMG/CSA friendly. Your application is far from a sure shot, because you have minimal exposure. If I were you I'd apply to every program possible and just hope for the best, you can't be picky in round 2.

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