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Well, I was tired of seeing such little posting activity in the BC forum, so I just wanted to say:


Waiting sucks! :) It's crazy reading on American forums about people that know they are accepted already... and interviews in Canada don't start until at least January (execpt I heard a rumor that Dal might be starting earlier due to an increase in the number of applicants).


I can't believe that it's less than a month until Christmas. AND that my semester ends on THURSDAY! That's insane! Time is flying by... I am only in my third year, but it seems like it was yesterday that I was starting university and looking into what to do for getting into med school... planning when to write the MCAT... what courses to take... choosing my major... etc.... etc.... But at the same time that sometimes first year doesn't seem that long ago, when I think back it seems like a long time since I was a nervous freshman visiting the university for the first time. I have changed a lot since then.


Well, enough rambling :) Good luck on upcoming exams everyone and have a Merry Christmas (and a well deserved break ;) ).



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I must admit that the waiting process is driving me crazy too! And even when interviews start ( January for UBC) there is still a big lag time for all the interviewees to get contacted.


It is exciting and scary at the same time. Does anyone know how many people they interviewed last year?

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there will be three "major" periods of speculation from now until the class of 2006 begins next sept: (1) when everyone is getting their interview (2) when that darn letter of acceptance (or rejection/waitlist) comes "around" May 15 and (3) what the heck is happening with the waitlist (around June->July I think).


monkey: in response to your question, I believe they interviewed around 300 last year from what Dr Bates said at the interview orientation session


after going through this (grueling) process last year, all i can say is try not to think about it. easier said than done, of course, but in the long term of things, it's probably healthier.


with that said, i kinda cheated this year and applied to some schools that i know will give me earlier responses :)

good luck to everyone



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