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Help with OMSAS: entering academic record

Guest Parii

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entering academic record in OMSAS form is not fun at all, let me tell you....


I wonder if someone can help me figure out how to enter my courses: I am going to a university where we we have 3 semesters per academic year (Fall/Spring/Summer). In the instruction/application guide of omsas, they say: "you have attended 'Full time' if, based on the Ontario traditional academic year system, you have the equivalent of three full-time courses or six half courses. Two consecutive semesters should be grouped together as 'Full time'. Rarely should the total lengths exceed ten."


When I enter my courses for each academic year (3 semesters, starting with fall/september), that does exceed 'ten', even if I am taking only 3 or 4 courses per semester. Why do they say "rarely should the total lengths exceed ten"? I may be missing something here.


I would really appreciate your help with this one.


Thank you very much,



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Generally for the 'full year' in OMSAS, they mean the fall and winter semesters. Courses taken during the summer term are considered supplemental. Usually, students take a maximum of 5 courses during the school year (fall and winter). Therefore, they will have 10 courses per year.


I hope that cleared things up!



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