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Kudos to you guys

Guest JewelLeigh

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Guest JewelLeigh

Hello All,


I just wanted to say that no matter what happens tomorrow, those of you on the NOSM board really seem to be a fantastic group. Virtually all posts here have been cheerful and supportive of one another! In the competitive and stressful situation of applying to medicine (I remember..eek!) it is really quite amazing that you all are so upbeat and encouraging.


I actually am in 2nd year Dal Med, but I lurk on your NOSM board simply because it makes me smile :) So yeah...kudos to you!


I will be thinking of you all tomorrow - lots of luck!




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Guest Anna

Hi JL,


Thank you for your support. I agree this forum of the ones I have looked into is one of the most supportive. This is as it should be. Being a doctor is being able to be part of a health care team that may include other doctors, nurses, etc. We shouldn't be negative towards others with the same dreams and passions, but rather helping them achieve their dreams and in so doing fulfilling our desire to help others.


That's my take on it anyways!


Thanks again and God bless in your remaining two years of study JL!


Anna :)

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