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Annual GPA vs. WGPA

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NOSM states that the "Admissions Committee will still be looking at the nature of the electives undertaken during these degree programs"....does that mean they'll also look at trends in how your GPA has improved from year to year? I know schools that endorse the WGPA system are already taking that into account in the WGPA calculation, but in my case I have a 2.8 second year GPA followed by 3.8+ in last two years.


Anyone else in a similar predicament?

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Guest iknowabc123

well when i emailed NOSM i asked exactly what years they will be looking at if i apply after my fourth year...i'm assuming you will be applying after 4th as well...this is the reply i got


"Thank you for your interest in the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.


You are correct. If an applicant applies in their fourth and final year, the marks from that year are not included in the WGPA calculation. The reason for this is timing. The application deadline is usually the beginning of October of each year. The screening of applications begins shortly thereafter, beginning with the WGPA calculating. Given the timing, the marks for someone in progress in their final year are simply not available.


For people in this situation, the WGPA will be calculated on years 2 & 3. If invited to interview, and then subsequently offered admission, it will be provisional upon 1) providing proof of degree completion, and 2) maintaining the final year's GPA within 0.5 of the previous year.


Summer courses will be included in the WGPA if they are required for your degree.


If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs again at nomsadmit@normed.ca .


Loretta Sheshequin

Admissions Administrative Coordinator"


also to add to that...it's a weighted GPA so your 3rd year will be weighter higher than your second


she didn't mention anything about looking at your overall academic trend...either she forgot or assumed i already knew that...i'm in the same predicament as you..my first year was awful my second was pretty good, my third amazing and we'll see about the 4th (i'm thinking i can keep a 3.8 in 4th..hopefully)...



well i hope that helped

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