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Guest wannabeadoc

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Guest wannabeadoc

hello everyone, and congrats on your acceptances!


I hate to bother you all, but one aspect of the NOSM application has me a bit confused:


For the question "List activities and interests outside academic and work environments not detailed elsewhere in the application", is this requesting that we elaborate on some of our activities already listed in the ABS?


Silly question I know, but I just wanted some clarification.


Thanks so much, and all the best this fall,



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Guest waterbottle2

For elaborate on stuff not mentionned elsewhere, last year, I said I liked fishing, snowmolibiling, running, x-country skiing, mountain bikking and things I like to do that are fun and great to do up north. I was born to be up North. I just set up in Sudbury and have already dove into Ramsey Lake and biked and ran the paths around the lake. It's great!!!




Good Luck with the application!!!

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Guest NurseNathalie

I also had listed all those 'fun' northern things I have done for excitement since I've been a kid... fishing, skiing, snowmobile, etc etc


I also added some of my personal interests here too... mostly the cultural activities I enjoy... the women's circle I am part of... being a Reiki practitioner, etc etc..


From what I've personally experienced, we have lost a lot of docs up north, because they had trouble ajusting to the way of life... I think this question addresses that issue... its not just what you have learned and accomplished academically, but its mostly about your outlook about the north, and your capacity to live the 'day to day'...


that's just my opinion of course... I might be way off. it got me in though


ps: hope everyone is enjoying their orientation week at NOSM! it was quite an experience at Mac !

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